Parenting Resources

There are special issues for parents who are separating and their children. Because of some of these concerns, the State of Oregon requires parents to file a general or a detailed Parenting Plan when they are filing for divorce or for a custody order, and to attend a Parent Education class. Mediation is especially suited to address the issues and concerns around children and future parenting that arise when parents separate or divorce or have not lived together at all.

If you are interested in books for parents and children, visit our Book List. We also have a Website and Video List for parents. Dr. Herman Frankel has written a sample Parent Pledge that you might find helpful in setting rules for yourselves during this difficult time. You can view more of his materials at

If you would like some help with communication, take a look at the email templates on this site, the Four Steps of Mediation  and the Talker-Listener Card.

Parent’s Pledge

Download and print this simple pledge to help parents affirm their love and support for their children.

“We were both encouraged to express ourselves freely…you took a lot of pain and frustration (and mystery) out of this process.” — R.C.

Parenting Plans

A parenting plan addresses the schedule for a child and how the parents will make decisions about the child in the future. Mediation can help you to form a detailed parenting plan that is customized to the needs of the child and the parents.

The Oregon Judicial Department has created three excellent publications that can help you to create your parenting plan, the Basic Parenting Plan Guide, Basic Parenting Plan Packet, and Safety Focused Parenting Plan. All can be found at the Parenting Plan Page of the Oregon Judicial Department website.

The Arizona Supreme Court has also created a helpful publication about parenting plans called Planning for Parenting Time.

There are special issues to consider for children under four years of age.  A good set of materials for creating parenting plans for young children can be found here.

Parent Education

For information on the Parent Education classes in Multnomah, Washington or Clackamas counties, see below. For information on classes in other counties in Oregon, go to the Oregon Judicial Department website.

Parent and Child Divorce Education Programs by County


Parents Helping Children Cope With Family Change
Location: Family Court Services, 2051 Kaen Road Room 369, Oregon City, OR 97045
Online Registration:
Coordinator: Lauren Mac Neill, (503) 655-8415
Cost: $70 (reduced to $55 if registered before filing papers or within 15 days of filing)
Offered On: Wednesdays
Time: 3.5 hours


Parents Helping Children Cope With Family Change
Location: Multnomah County Courthouse (Tu/Sat), 1021 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR 97204
Juvenile Justice Complex (Th), 1401 NE 68th Avenue, Room 1201 Portland, OR 97213
Online Registration:
Coordinator: Chris Christensen, (503) 988-3037
Cost: $70 (reduced to $55 if registered before filing papers or within 60 days of filing)
Offered On: Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings
Time: 3.5 hours


Kid’s Turn
Location: Various locations in Hillsboro, Beaverton and Tualatin
Online Registration:
Coordinator: Mandy Ramsey or Rachel Garcia (503) 846-0665
Cost: Sliding scale: $210 – $45
Offered On: Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening or Saturday morning
Time: Four 1.5 hour sessions, once a week for 4 weeks
Curriculum: Parents and children (age 5-16) attend separate workshops