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Family Mediator and Facilitator

3282 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, OR 97214, 503-232-8550,

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Who Else Can Help


CPA, Tax Preparer to help you understand the tax choices and implications of a potential settlement

Financial Planner, Certified Divorce Planner to help you make a detailed plan for the future, and identify personal needs and predict the long-term effect of various options considered

Appraiser, Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Broker, Bank to help you explore options around selling a house, refinancing a house and/or buying a house.

Debt Counseling and Consolidation Services to help you work out a plan for paying off debt (look for non-profit companies)


Attorney to help you understand the legal process and analyze your options in with an understanding of predicted outcomes in the legal system (the attorney may act in a consulting role or a representative role) See Use of Attorneys page.


Books, Internet Resources, Videos, etc. self-help resources to help you learn about divorce and separation, to understand the process and your own reactions to it. One outstanding site for family law information, forms and parenting plan information is the State of Oregon's Judicial Branch


Individual Therapist to help you to process your feelings and find ways to move forward

Group Therapist to help you normalize and see the success of others

Couples Therapist to help the two of you to focus on deeper relational work than mediation offers

Psychiatrist if you might need deeper treatment and/or medical intervention


County Mandated or Private Classes to help you to understand your child's needs and point of view

Go to Parent Education Classes for a county-by-county list of mandatory parent education classes.


Vocational Counselor to help you to form a career plan

College Counselor to help you explore specific programs, admittance requirements, timeline, costs

Transitional Classes to help you gain self-confidence and practical skills for re-entry into the workforce (formerly called "Displaced Homemaker" classes)

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