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Do It Yourself

If you decide you want to try to do your own Divorce, Separation or Custody and Parenting Plan Agreement or to make changes to those agreements on your own, there are resources in Oregon to help you to complete and file the paperwork. Your best first resource for legal forms is your local county courthouse and the Oregon Judicial Department Website.

You can always decided to use mediation for the areas you are not able to resolve after trying to work out the details of your agreement on your own.

Some of the forms I use in mediation can be helpful to you in organizing your information:

BUDGET - This form will help you look at your current financial situation and plan for the future.

ASSET CHECKLIST - This form will help you to gather the critical documents you will need to bring to mediation and share with the other person and so you can fully discuss your assets and debts.

HOLIDAY CHECKLIST - This form will help you to plan for special days in making your parenting time schedule.

For more information about creating a PARENTING PLAN, click here.

To see how other professionals can help you in this process, click here.

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